Thankful for help with this tough task.

Nancy helped us buy a 2 bedroom/bathroom on Sanibel Island Florida. The property is to be a weekly rental for the next few years and a possible winter home in retirement. So, the home had to qualify as a good investment in the near term and as a good home for us. In addition, we had to have a broker who could line up all possible properties for a showing over a two day visit period, knowing we may never return for a second veiwing of the proposed property. I am very thankful we had Nancy for this very tough task. She was beyond excellent and went way beyond the normal call of duty. All information was handled by email (and there were a lot of them) and if she didn’t know answers to my investment questions, she searched out the answers from others. By the time we made our decision, we were very confident we had selected the right property, one that needed some tender loving care to reach its potential without breaking the bank to get there. Thanks Nancy!!!