The Worst OF

Sanibel & Captiva Island buyer mistakes to avoid:

  1. Dreams without research. Remodeling or building takes time, money and planning. Speaking of planning, the City of Sanibel planning department must follow well-established ordinances and codes. Can you add a dock, pool, second level, re-landscape? Maybe, but due diligence is a must before you commit to a home purchase if your remodeling dreams do not have a degree of flexibility.
  2. Waiting too long. Yes, do your homework. However, do not wait to make an offer when you know you have found what you like.  If a home ticks all the boxes for you, chances are you are not alone. Don’t lose your dream home by sleeping on it for too long. We always recommend an inspection which gives a buyer ample time to ease any concerns about jumping in too spontaneously.
  3. Shopping the wrong price bracket. We have all heard the story about the $5 million dollar home that sold for $600,000. While once in a blue moon it could have possibly happened, your odds are better of being struck by lightning. Sales on Sanibel and Captiva Islands have historically sold above 90% of the original list price. Be honest about your budget and save yourself precious time and disappointment in finding the right home.
  4. Thinking Florida is only for retirees. The US Census Bureau in 2017 shows that only 27% of Lee County, Florida population is over 65 years old. People of all ages live, work and thrive in our coastal paradise which offers an abundance of world-class arts, entertainment, dining, schools, natural wonders and any water sport you can imagine. You don’t have to wait until your sunset years to enjoy our amazing sunsets!

Avoid the worst mistakes, and make the best decision of your life by owning your dream home along our unspoiled shorelines. You will never regret it.