Summertime on Sanibel and Captiva Islands is typically hot, humid, stormy and amazingly rewarding for the locals and visitors alike who don’t allow a forecast and temperature gauge to rule their lives. We do not just sit inside in the A/C and wait for a cooler October to arrive. Nevertheless, if you are still cowering in your climate controlled living room while checking your NBC2 Weather app, I am happy to share some tips for living the dream during the summer months.

  1. Be prepared to sweat! Everybody’s doing it and the sooner you accept the inevitable, the happier you will be. It is a natural and healthy bodily function and nothing a good shower won’t cure, so just remember to drink plenty of water.
  2. Enjoy the pool! Whether it’s an afternoon dip or a full-blown BBQ party, take advantage of this amazing and enjoyable cooling capacity. If you don’t have private access at your home or condo, you can join the Sanibel Recreation Center at which offers both a lap pool and leisure pool and several membership options.
  3. Go fish! No, not the card game, but catch and release style. Despite what Northerners might believe, we do enjoy four seasons on the Islands: Snook, Redfish, Tarpon and Trout! The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and San Carlos Bay make summer fishing spectacular. And if you have ever jumped a Tarpon or watched Redfish tail, you are guaranteed to forget about the heat. If you aren’t sure what you are doing, you can arrange a charter for all skill levels at Whitney’s Bait & Tackle at
  4. Did you know that several of the Islands’ resort pool bars are open to the public? So if you prefer to sit in the shade and share a cocktail with friends, this is the spot for you. The Upper Deck Pool Bar at the West Wind Inn on Sanibel is a popular spot among locals. The bar overlooks the Gulf, and serves cold beverages and lunch daily, with the bonus of Wednesday and Fridays offering happy hour specials with live music! Also try the Tiki Bar at the Sanibel Island Beach Resort. for delightfully frozen drinks with the promise of brain freeze on those muggy days.
  5. Get on or in the water! From taking the boat for a cruise to feel the wind in your hair or trying kite-boarding lessons. It doesn’t matter, but wet equals cool and shoreline equals breeze. Jensen’s Marina on Captiva offers boat rentals and cruises sure to please, as well as being some of the friendliest folks you will ever meet. So, stop talking yourself out of it when you are judging the temperature from the parking lot of the grocery store! Trust me, you will be glad you did, and cooler, happier and healthier for it.

The bottom line is get out there. Summer should be full of fun, laughter and sand castles, albeit the heat. And never fear the frizzy hair; straighteners are for sissies.