Oh, we all love it! Drone photography and video have become the must-have in real estate marketing. How better to show the lay of the land, proximity to amenities and neighbors, and that unique perspective that we just cannot get from the ground.

There is only one problem. That aerial vision is completely irrelevant! Unless you are Superman, it is unlikely you will ever see that view again. You will see your feet on the coffee table between you and the TV, the kitchen counter bogged down with Thanksgiving left-overs, and the grandkids shouting Marco-Polo from the pool. So perhaps that is what you should be looking for: How is this home going to feel in my everyday life?

The fabulous drone shot is akin to trying on a new pair of shoes. You know, that one shoe off walk-about in the store when you press forward on your toe, rock back in the heel and stare at the back view in the funny floor mirror. That is not exactly your everyday normal usage, and amazingly they still hurt your feet even after that tried-and-true ritual.

Nevertheless, I want the drone photos as much as the next agent and customer! They draw us in just like that 6” spike suede heel on display. But take them for what they are worth because to buy a home you are going to love, you are going to need to kick the tires yourself. My suggestion is to frame that magical aerial shot and hang it by the TV. This way you can view it more than once while gazing across your feet on the coffee table.